Annual Triathlon BC membership is recommended for any athlete, regardless of age or ability, and mandatory for all active officials and coaches that are actively involved in the sport.

Triathlon BC's annual fees are very reasonable, and provide many benefits to the member, including:

  • Fostering regional development through the support and development of youth, age group, Officials, clubs and elite programs
  • Supporting sport education opportunities, including NCCP Coach Certification and Officials Clinics.
  • Supporting special events, including the Annual Athlete Gala, Silent Auctions and Annual Race Director, Official and Volunteer Awards.
  • Supporting our Regional Training Centre operations and the development of Canada‚Äôs next Olympians.
  • Eligibility to receive Provincial and National Team support.
  • Eligibility to receive High Performance funding
  • Eligibility to compete in the BC Summer, Western Canada, Americas Master Games and Canada Summer Games.
  • Eligibility to receive entry discounts for safe, sanctioned, quality events.
  • Eligibility to enroll in the Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP).
  • Receive a complimentary issue of Triathlon BC's inhouse annual magazine!

NEW! As an active member, you are entitled to receive a discount on all Rudy Project technical gear, including the winningest aero helmet (Aero 57/Wingspan) in Kona for the past 4 years! Email Triathlon BC today for more details.

Membership is effective from January 1st to December 31st of each year, with a pro-rated membership available on October 1st for athletes returning to training for next year's season.

You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to qualify for Triathlon BC membership. For Elite and Junior Elite carding, you must be a resident of British Columbia and will be required to submit proof of such residency.

Triathlon BC insurance only covers medical costs above what would be provided by BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) while you are participating in approved Club training sessions and TriBC-sanctioned events.  It does not cover damage or loss of equipment.


Annual Membership Fee Structure

Membership fees are based on a number of factors, namely, age and whether an individual belongs to an affiliated Club.

We encourage all individuals to become members of existing Clubs, or in cases where a Club may not exist, to form a new Club.

Individual Adult Member:
Adult Members belonging to a TriBC affiliated Club: $35.00
Junior Member (Under 19 years of Age) $10.00

Download a Membership Application (pdf) here

Proof of Membership (new for 2015) - Effective with the 2015 season,  membership cards will be emailed to Triathlon BC Annual Members.  Hard copy cards can be made available upon request.   Extra fees for mailing and production may apply.  Contact to request a hardcopy card.

Club Option

To obtain a Club discount, a Club must first affiliate to Triathlon BC. A passcode for online membership will be supplied to the Club Contact once the Club Registration Form for the current year has been submitted and approved.

If you are applying for an Elite or Junior Elite card, please be sure to include all the required information (see Elite Criteria) with your application.

If you did not receive an emailed card and require your membership number, please contact the Triathlon BC office.

If you require more information about affiliating as a Triathlon BC Club, click here.

If you are mailing your application form, please follow these instructions:
  • Make the cheque payable to "Triathlon BC";
  • Ensure that the waiver is signed and all of the required information is complete;
  • Mail the form and cheque to:
Triathlon British Columbia
PO Box 34098, STN D
Vancouver, BC V6J 4M1

Membership Includes:

Membership in Triathlon BC helps further the growth, development and improvement of the sport throughout BC, fostering regional growth, youth development, coaching seminars, athlete development, training of officials, and to support provincial championship events.

Membership benefits:

  • $5m 3rd Party Liability, Medical and Dental Coverage, Costs of disability and accident insurance for athletes and volunteers while at sanctioned races in BC and during certain identified training activities within an organized and affiliated club structure where a certified coach is present;
  • Eligibility to participate in Provincial and National multisport Games, including the BC Summer, Western Canada and the Canada Summer Games!
  • Discounts for NCCP Coach Clinic fees.
  • Subscription to TriathlonBC, TriBC's print magazine;
  • Automatically receive monthly Member Update Newsletters, featuring the latest news in provincial Triathlon, including funding opportunities, race updates, standings and more!
  • Eligibility to earn awards, medals and prizes.
  • Eligibility to be named to a Provincial Team; and
  • Help fund programs such as junior development, athlete development, officiating, and coaching.

Important Notice to Athletes Racing Out of Canada

Triathlon BC members are covered whilst competing in sanctioned triathlon events across Canada. Please note, that when racing outside of Canada, Triathlon BC members are not covered by member insurance.  It is highly recommend to purchase and obtain out of country insurance PRIOR to departure.

Please note:

Triathlon BC gathers personal information,  including name, address, age, birthdate and occupation. This information is used solely for the purpose of:
  1. ensuring that each member competes in the appropriate age group (ensuring, names will be listed in the appropriate age group);
  2. contact information for each individual in order to send the Triathlon BC newsmagazines and other pertinent Association information and mailing.
This information is considered confidential, and is protected as such.

Triathlon BC's
Privacy Policy

Membership in our Association provides YOU with the opportunity to have a voice in the development, growth, and organization of the sport in BC.