Triathlon BC is a not-for-profit, provincial governing body devoted to the promotion of Triathlon and MultiSport for all skills and age groups.

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“Through sustainable excellence, Triathlon BC will be the leading triathlon association in Canada.”

The sport of Triathlon is comprised of events that include swimming, cycling and running components. Duathlon is comprised of events that include only running and cycling, while an Aquathlon is comprised of events that include a swimming and running segment. Winter Triathlon consists of cross-country skiing, mountain biking and running. There may be slight variations in a component of any of these events.

Triathlon BC Values

Triathlon BC will endeavor to:

  • Be Athlete-Driven through services, programs and initiatives focused on our athletes
  • Achieve a standard of Excellence in all that the association does
  • Prioritize Fair Play in competitions
  • Be Honest in all communication
  • Provide programs and services that are Inclusive in their design and delivery
  • Demonstrate Integrity through all programs and policies
  • Be Objective and Ethical through strong governance
  • Establish and maintain a Professional level of service for members and stakeholders
  • Offer a Safe environment for all competitors, coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators

Mission Statement

Triathlon BC develops, supports and promotes the sport throughout the province by providing opportunities to participate and compete.

As a sport development guide, Triathlon BC and its Board refers to the 2019–2023 Strategic Plan on an on going basis. Our Board and Staff revisit this important document on an annual basis, referring to the Plan to help guide the sport and its development.

2022/2023 Board of Directors

Triathlon BC's current Board of Directors was elected at the 34th Annual General Meeting, on October 16, 2022. Members who would like to request Minutes of the AGM or receive independently reviewed financial statements, can do so by contacting Triathlon BC.


Michael Brown, Appointed Chair 2023 (elected 2022 – One Year Term)
Stewart Scott, Treasurer  (elected 2022)
Keith Iwasaki, Secretary  (elected 2022)
Troyce Beglaw, Director Sanctioning (elected 2022)
Andrea Damiani, Director at Large (elected 2022)
Mike Gregory, Director at Large (elected 2022)
Susie Ernsting, Director at Large (elected 2021)
Jody Deane, Director at Large (elected 2021)

Larry Feagan, Past President (elected 2021)

Contact Information


Allan Prazsky, Executive Director
Tim Sherstobitoff, Program Manager
Kelly Guest, Provincial Coach
Greg Christensen, Technical Director
Nicola Racevova, Financial Manager

If you require a quick response to a question or inquiry, we suggest that you email us.

Please note: Telephone messages are typically responded to within 48 to 72 hours of receiving them.


To contact the Executive Director, the Board of Directors, or for general inquiries, please email us at:

Mailing Address

Triathlon British Columbia
PO Box 34098, STN D, Vancouver, BC
V6J 4M1

Telephone and Fax

Telephone: (604) 736-3176
Fax: (604) 736-3180

National Sport Trust Fund

Pool to Podium - Triathlon BC’s Pool to Podium program has been created to bring high performance athletes from a provincial level to an international performance standard. These athletes have been identified as meeting and/or exceeding strict eligibility criteria. It brings together top tier athlete support, advanced coaching, intensive training, and international caliber competition opportunities. Donations made to the Pool to Podium program will be used to offset the cost of facility rentals, routine health and wellness screening, physiological testing and assessment, training, travel and cost of competitions for developing young athletes on the cusp of making our National Team.