Affiliated clubs play a vital role in creating opportunities for development, participation, and promoting the sport of Triathlon across BC.

2023 Club Renewal

Affiliated Clubs

Benefits of affiliating with Triathlon BC

  • Affiliated clubs are listed on the Triathlon BC website according to zone and location.
  • Clubs are regularly featured in our eNews, with a circulation of close to 10,000 subscribers!M
  • Medical, dental and 3rd Party Liability and Accident Insurance Coverage for all training events, social events, and fundraisers.
  • Affiliated clubs can request specific coach or officials clinics to best suit club needs and schedules, AND enjoy registration discounts!

Triathlon BC affiliated clubs contribute to the robust growth and development of our sport.

Minimum Membership Requirements

In order to provide online registration passcodes, allowing for club membership registration discounts, affiliated Clubs must meet minimum eligibility guidelines, including minimum athlete numbers as outlined below:

  • Minimum of 10 members in Zones 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (includes Thompson-Okanagan, Fraser Valley, Fraser River-Delta, Vancouver-Squamish and Vancouver Island).
  • Minimum of 5 members in Zones 1, 7 and 8* (includes Kootenays, North/West BC and Cariboo-North East BC).
  • Youth-Specific Clubs require a minimum of 5 participants under the age of 19 regardless of Zone.


How to Get Started

Resources, Club Affiliation forms and many more documents are available below in the ‘Getting Started’ section. Triathlon BC Affiliated Clubs be viewed on our Club Listings page.

Club Insurance Certificate Request Form

You can find more resources on our Resource List HERE.

Register Your Club

How does a club become affiliated with Triathlon BC? Complete the club registration form to get started!

Register Your Club Today!

Getting Started

Why affiliate with Triathlon BC? Affiliated clubs are listed on Triathlon BC’s website, are regularly featured in our e-newsletter, are provided with liability and accident insurance coverage and club members enjoy a special club membership discount and are eligible to receive support and development funding!

Growing Your Club

Do you belong to a new club looking for growth? Triathlon BC has created several documents to help your club grow.

New Members

This is probably not as simple as you first thought. Attracting new members involves communicating the benefits of your club to current members, prospective triathletes and potential community supporters.

Attracting New Members for Your Triathlon Club

Community Partnerships

Triathlon involves three sports and a transition, so why not develop relationships with other partners in your community? Developing partnerships is a great way to increase and grow your membership base.

Developing Community Partnerships


Events, large or small, are a great way to bring awareness to your club. Events are also a great way to share your club’s mandate, mission and values.

Recruiting at Events

Advertising, Promotion & Public Relations

Do you have a great club with interesting Triathletes who would love to share their story but don’t know where to start? Tell a friend, tell a community.

Advertising, Promotion and Public Relations Guide

Club Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone without a Triathlon BC Annual Membership try out a practice?

Yes! Someone looking to try out a practice with your club is allowed. Potential new club members are able to try up to two practices with your club before requiring an annual membership. After p two try it practices, this person is required to purchase a Triathlon BC Annual Membership.

One of our facilities is asking for an insurance certificate? Where can I get this?

Sometimes facilities ask for a certificate that lists them as co-insured and has your club name on this. Triathlon BC can provide this certificate for you.

If you need a club-specific insurance certificate please email to request this certificate for your club.

What is the difference between a coached practice with annual Triathlon BC Members and a group session with a mix of Annual Members and non-members?

The main difference between these two is insurance. The Triathlon BC insurance for clubs applied to workouts where all members are annual members and a club coach is present. The only exception to this rule is if you have new members trying out their first or second practice.

Group sessions that are not coached and/or have a mix of members and non-members are not sanctioned workouts and will not have active insurance from Triathlon BC. If your club is hosting group sessions that are not coached and have a mix of members and non-members, please ensure that you are very clear with all the participants that Triathlon BC’s Club Insurance is not extended to the session.

What are the coaching requirements for affiliated clubs?

As part of the nationwide safe sport initiative, all club coaches will be required to achieve Community Coach In-Training status by January 1st of 2021. This means that all coaches within your club will need to complete the Triathlon Canada Basic Registration and have a record of taking an NCCP Community Sport Course.

From the 2020 Season, Triathlon BC requires that all coaches within your club complete a criminal record check. This can be done as part of the Triathlon Canada Basic Registration, through Triathlon BC or from your local police department.

Triathlon BC is able to process Criminal Record Checks for volunteer coaches directly using an affiliate program - Triathlon BC will require a copy of a record checks performed through the local police department or other agency.

Is there a recommended coach to athlete ratio for Youth Clubs?

Triathlon BC recommends that youth clubs have the following coach to athlete ratio:

• 1 coach per 5-8 athletes when athletes 10 years old or younger
• 1 coach per 8-12 athletes when athletes older than 10 years

How do my club members get their $5.00 discount?

In order to get a club discount for your members you must first affiliate your club with Triathlon BC. Once this online renewal/registration has been completed, a coupon code, specific to your club, will be sent to your club registrar. This code will enable adult Club members to obtain a $5.00 discount when purchasing an annual membership.

Clubs that do not renew their affiliation by the November 24th deadline will not get a discount code in time for when memberships go live on December 1st. Reimbursements will not be issued to members of clubs who have not affiliated by the November 24th deadline.

Clubs who renew between December 1st and January 31st should anticipate 4-6 business days to turnaround a club code for members.

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