What is the BC Age Group Race Series?

The Age Group Race Series was born in early 2024, built around the desire for Age Group athletes across the province to test their mettle against themselves and against others in their age and gender category.

The Age Group Series will see evolutionary tweaks, as we learn lessons from the 2024 seasons. By participating in the Series, we hope you will enjoy the journey to camaraderie and fitness through multisport.


Womens Points Standings – updated April 4, 2024

Mens Points Standings – updated April 4, 2024


The Triathlon BC Age Group Race Series is open to all members. Every sanctioned event on our race calendar can contribute to the Series ranking, allowing everyone to experience the thrill of participation and the joy of crossing the finish line.

Members who participate in the Series are awarded points based on their finishing position relative to others in their age and gender category.

Series Summary

  • Each Triathlon BC member is scored within his or her specific age category.
  • Females and males are scored separately.
  • Final Series points are based on the best five finishes in a sanctioned event.
  • To qualify for a year-end award, participants must finish a minimum of three sanctioned
  • Volunteer! A one-time bonus of 20 series points are awarded when an athlete volunteers at an a sanctioned event.
  • Awards are presented to the top finishers in each age category.
  • Certificates are issued to all participants that complete three events.


  • Submit an Expression of Interest indicating your eligibility to compete in the Series.
  • Participate in a minimum of three Triathlon BC sanctioned events within the 2024 calendar year to be eligible for awards.
  • Submit your results to the Results Portal within 10 days of a particular event that you have completed to confirm your Series points.
  • Volunteer at a local event and earn a one-time 20 BONUS Series points!
  • Thousands of dollars worth of awards and prizes, including plaques, series clothing and prize packages.

Series Points

Scoring is simple. Points are awarded in the following denominations, down to 40th place, across each age group.

1st place – 100 points
2nd place – 90 points
3rd place – 80 points
4th place – 74 points
5th Place – 72 points
6th place – 70 points
7th place – 68 points
8th place – 66 points and so on, down to 2 points for 40th place and beyond.

Participants will earn points within their age and gender category for each race they participate in, as long as they participate in a minimum of three sanctioned events over the 2024 season.

Please note, age group is defined as your age as of December 31st of each year.

Participants that have submitted an Expression of Interest for the Series simply submit their name, event and link, verifying their finish at a given event through the Triathlon BC Series portal within 10 days of competition. If an error in our calculations is spotted, just email us and we will correct it right away!

Participants must complete a minimum of three (3) sanctioned events to qualify for the Series and be eligible for awards.   The more you participate, the better chance you have to collect Series points!

  • Participate in 1 sanctioned event…sorry out of luck, can’t win an award.
  • Participate in 2 sanctioned events…sorry out of luck, can’t win an award.
  • Participate in 3 sanctioned events…Congratulations! You are eligible to win a Series award! We will score up to 5 of your finishes in the Series standings!
  • Participate in 3 events (or more) AND volunteer* at a sanctioned Triathlon BC event….You just earned 20 extra Series points to add to your tally!

*Confirmation of volunteerism must be provided.


In the case of a tie, the highest average place finish per-event will be used to break the tie.

Series Awards

The best part is getting free stuff and we have plenty of it!  The top finishers in each age group will get some great awards, including unique Series plaques and commemorative AG Series clothing! All participants that finish three events will receive a certificate and be entered into a draw to win Rudy Project Prize packages, wetsuits, helmets, gear bags and cycling kits!

The Fine Print

Triathlon BC’s Race Series is open to all annual members. Participants that have purchased day membership will have a period of seven days after a race to join Triathlon BC and have their race result count towards the Series. For example, to have a May 2nd event result count toward the member’s combined Series total time, the individual would need to be a confirmed annual member by May 9th.

Age categories are based on the athlete’s age at year-end (as of December 31st) of the race season in question.

Scoring is based on an athlete’s age group and gender results.

A one-time volunteer bonus is awarded to all competitors that can verify volunteering at a local event.

Result Submissions

Already completed the Age Group Series Expression of Interest and started competing in the 2024 season? Awesome! All you need to do now is submit a record of your participation and results. Click on the icon below to submit your results and allow Triathlon BC to start tracking your participation!




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