2021 Annual Memberships

Membership fees are a source of revenue for Triathlon BC, allowing for ongoing programming, promotion, development and support of athletes, coaches, officials and race directors across the province. You will receive a digital membership card when you purchase your membership. Additionally, membership numbers can be confirmed via website look-up. Membership runs on a calendar year basis, and will expire on December 31.

When you register as a Provincial member, a mandatory $15.50 (Adult) or $6.50 (Youth) Triathlon Canada affiliation fee is also charged. Triathlon Canada uses these affiliation fees to promote and develop the sport, and to support high-performance programming across Canada. For transparency purposes, the Triathlon Canada affiliation fees have been listed separately since 2017. Triathlon Canada considers all athletes 16 and over Adult Members.

Adult members who belong to a Triathlon BC Affiliated Club are entitled to a $5.00 discount on their annual membership. Clubs who have already renewed for 2021 have been given a club-specific coupon code that enables users to receive their club discount. Please contact your club administrator to obtain your discount code.

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