Triathlon BC is thrilled to be partnering with Triathlon Canada and the Royal Bank of Canada for the next RBC Training Ground!  Three opportunities to test your mettle exist; Kelowna, Victoria and Vancouver (as listed below).

Date: January 28
Location: Kelowna
Campus: UBC-Okanagan (UBCO Gymnasium)
Start Time: 7:00am

Date: February 11
Location: Victoria
Campus: UVIC (CARSA)
Start Time: 11:00am

Date: April 16
Location: Vancouver
Campus: UBC (Warm Memorial Gymnasium)
Start Time: 7:00am

The RBC Training Ground is a talent identification and athlete funding program designed to find young athletes with Olympic potential, and provide them with the resources they need to achieve their podium dreams.

With the belief that high performance sports should be accessible to all athletes that are talented, qualified and have the will to compete, this program travels the country searching for athletes between the ages of 14 and 25 that will fuel the Canadian Olympic pipeline.

Athletes are assessed using basic tests that indicate speed, strength, power and endurance capabilities.

National Sport Organizations (NSO’s) use combinations of these test results to identify skills that may translate to strong potential in their respective sport. Each sport requires different physical abilities and skills, and therefore performance benchmarks vary by NSO. Field based assessment results must be viewed within the context of the requirements of the sport, the characteristics of the athlete, and the stage of their development.

Why is the age range 14 to 25 years?

The age range of 14 to 25 years aligns with long-term athlete development stages and the Canadian Sport for Life program. This age range allows us to capture those with early and late-stage Olympic potential. The probability of identifying an athlete below or above these age ranges, within our current RBC Training Ground partner sports, is very small.

How many athletes are tested?

Thousands of Canadians across the country participate in RBC Training Ground each year. We have tested over 12,000 athletes through the first seven years of the program.

How do I/does my child participate?

Any Canadian aged 14-25 can participate by signing up for a local qualifying event.

Participants must first register with their basic information online, complete a more detailed Athlete Profile, and select the event they wish to attend.

By attending events in-person, athletes will also be able to meet RBC Olympians, chat with on-site NSO representatives and meet fellow elite athletes. However, if an athlete cannot compete in-person due to a scheduling conflict they may participate in the virtual qualifying option for a chance to be considered. Regardless of the testing format an athlete participates in (in-person or virtual), results will be weighed equally.

Which sports are recruiting new athletes through RBC Training Ground?

There are 12 National Sport Organizations (NSO) recruiting athletes through RBC Training Ground in 2023:

  • Boxing Canada
  • Canoe Kayak Canada
  • Climbing Canada
  • Cycling Canada
  • Freestyle Canada
  • Luge Canada
  • Rowing Canada
  • Rugby Canada
  • Speed Skating Canada
  • Triathlon Canada
  • Volleyball Canada
  • Wrestling Canada

Ready to take on the world?  Take your first step, register for the RBC Training Ground today.