This document establishes the eligibility and selection criteria used by Triathlon Canada for entry into the following events.

• 2023 World Triathlon Elite Triathlon Individual Events
• 2023 World Triathlon U23 and Junior Triathlon Targeted Events

Utilizing defined priority criteria (Section C), Triathlon Canada has established three tiers of racing.
Tier 1 – World Triathlon Championship Series (WTCS)
Tier 2 – World Triathlon Cup (WC)
Tier 3 – Continental Cup (CC) or other World Triathlon Individual Triathlon Events

**NOTE: Triathlon Canada’s Major Games nomination policies and Mixed Relay selection policies are independent from this document.
Triathlon Canada is committed to selecting the highest performing team using clear selection methods, and in accordance with World Triathlon entry criteria. The primary goal is to achieve podium performances at all tiers and levels of competition.

1. The 2023 World Triathlon Championship Series, World Triathlon Cup, and Continental Cup events calendar are subject to change. Event status will be as published by World Triathlon here.
2. Selection according to the terms of this Policy will not qualify an athlete for participation in any World Triathlon event if the athlete is not eligible according to World Triathlon’s Eligibility Rules.
3. World Triathlon determines the maximum number of quota positions, as per the World Triathlon’s Qualification Rules, for all the aforementioned events.
4. Neither this policy, nor World Triathlon’s requires Triathlon Canada to select any or all athletes to the maximum number of allotted quota positions.
5. This policy can be amended at any time by Triathlon Canada if Triathlon Canada is of the opinion, that such an amendment is necessary due to any change in World Triathlon guidelines, or to give effect to the Policy following discovery of a drafting error or oversight, or for any other reason determined to be in the best interests of Triathlon Canada by Triathlon Canada. Triathlon Canada shall not be responsible or liable in any way to any one as a result of any such amendment.
6. The Schedules and Appendices and any other document referred to in this document form part of this Selection Policy.
7. It is the athlete’s responsibility to read and understand this Policy (and other supporting documents and/or policies).
In the first instance, for further clarification relating to this Policy, queries should be directed to the High-Performance Director.

If an athlete is still unclear about the Policy (and other supporting documents and/or policies) operation or effect, independent legal advice should be sought.

Only athletes meeting the following terms will be eligible for selection.
1. World Triathlon Eligibility Criteria
An athlete must:
• Comply with all current World Triathlon Rules regarding citizenship, national representation, and eligibility.
• Be a Canadian citizen;
• Complete the World Triathlon medical Pre-Participation Evaluation (PPE) prior to competing in any World Triathlon event.

If there is any doubt regarding eligibility to compete for Canada, athletes must contact the High-Performance Director or designate of Triathlon Canada for clarification.

2. Triathlon Canada Specific Eligibility Criteria
An athlete must:
• Be a Canadian citizen;
• Be members in good standing with a Triathlon Provincial Sport Organization;
• Be in good standing with Triathlon Canada;
• Have a current Triathlon Canada International Competition Card (ICC);
• Have submitted all required ratified run/swim times as communicated by Triathlon Canada;
• Have completed 80% of daily metrics in Smartabase/Training Peaks;
• Be deemed healthy to race as per Triathlon Canada’s Competition Readiness policy (see Appendix A);
• Participate fully with Team Canada as per the Triathlon Canada Athlete Agreement
• If eligible, participate in the 2023 Triathlon Canada National Championships
• Have a coach of record that is in good standing with the Coaching Association of Canada and Triathlon Canada OR be in good standing with their respective National Sport Organization/Coaching Association.