Triathlon BC’s 2022 SuperSeries has come to an end with the SuperSeries Championship event which was held in Kamloops.  A total of 57 athletes competed in the SuperSeries events which provided strong competition for all athletes.

The SuperSeries events tested the athletes’ skill, strength and preparation over a 5-race series which included a combination of time trials and races.  Provincial Coach, Kelly Guest recognized that short, technically demanding events, run on multiple occasions throughout the season would give our athletes the best opportunity to improve sport specific skills and give them increased exposure to competitions for overall athlete development.  In addition to the overall development of the athlete, athletes had the opportunity to race to earn points and become the overall SuperSeries Champion.

Congratulations to the top three finishers in each category:


  1. Sunnie Leishman
  2. Sonia Nguyen
  3. Merina Lau


  1. Austin Beese
  2. Coen McMurray
  3. Soren Rossato


  1. Heidi Henry
  2. Jamie Harker
  3. Quillan Gall


  1. Daniel Damian
  2. James Sikich
  3. Jack Screen


  1. Desirae Ridenour
  2. Andréanne Brière-Dulude
  3. Colette Reimer


  1. Brodie Marshall
  2. Caleb Ney
  3. Jackson Konklin


First place finishers in each category will receive a SuperSeries Racing Jersey.  A full list of results can be found on our SuperSeries event page.

Congratulations to all racers who participated in the SuperSeries events and we look forward to seeing you race in 2023.