Triathlon BC’s four part webinar series is now available online on YouTube to the entire triathlon community! The webinars focus on skills, tactics, and knowledge for new and novice triathletes, but all ages and abilities will benefit from viewing. Topics include race preparation, open water swim skills, race tactics, race nutrition, training nutrition for busy lifestyles, strength training, injury prevention, and mental performance. These are covered by the four amazing speakers below, who have a wealth of race experience along with professional knowledge.

Strength, Conditioning and Injury Prevention: Gina Grain
Gina is a track cycling Olympian, with numerous international titles and Canadian championships. Gina holds her Masters degree in Exercise Science and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. She is a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Certified Speed and Agility Coach. She will lead a discussion on strength training and injury prevention – making sure you can make it to the start line healthy and strong.

Cross Triathlon: Karsten Madsen
– Karsten has a wealth of international race experience spanning over 10 years, including top-10 Elite finishes in both Xterra World Championships and Cross World Championships.  Karsten recently underwent an open heart surgery to fix a defective aortic valve, and is recovering strong. He now focuses on coaching and supporting athletes of all abilities to acheive their goals, whether it’s locally or on the international stage. Karsten will share his race experience and lead a discussion around the skills and tactics for Cross Triathlon: from pre race preparations, open water swimming skills, tips for speedy transitions, mountain bike skills, trail running skills, cross triathlon training methodology and overall race day strategy to have you performing your best.

Long Distance Triathlon: Christine Fletcher
– Christine Fletcher has spent 18+ years racing as a pro cyclist and triathlete. She has a degree from McGill University in Exercise Science coupled with a Training Peaks Coaching Certification and USAT Coach Certification. Her real experience and knowledge is based on being in the trenches with 42 Ironman (7 times at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships), countless half IM, marathons, and more. Christine will share her race experience and lead a discussion around the skills and tactics for Long Distance Triathlon: from morning preparations, open water swimming skills, long durations on the bike, running technique, mental strategies for long days, and overall race day strategy to have you performing your best.

Sport Nutrition: Alan Kenny
–Alan Kenny is a performance nutritionist with over 10 years experience supporting teams, athletes, executives and busy parents to optimize their nutrition. Holding a degree in Exercise Science and a Masters in Sports Nutrition, Alan has also lectured at University level and currently heads a performance lab in an executive medical clinic in Vancouver, Canada. He also works as the performance nutritionist at the UBC Sports Medicine Clinic. His work here is focused on optimizing heath over a person’s lifespan using modern tools such as blood-work analysis, VO2 and Dexa scans. Alan will lead a discussion around performance nutrition, preparing for events, and how to optimize your weekly routine to stay healthy.