Congrats on your win in the Super Sprint Triathlon and in the Aquabike at World Triathlon Age-Group Championships in Pontevedra, Spain!

Can you share a bit about that experience – What was race day like and how did your race unfold?

My first race was the Super Sprint distance: 300m swim, 6.4km bike and 1.6km run.  It took place around 4pm on Friday, in the sun just after a few rain showers.  The river swim and quick bike loop flew by, then the run provided a great opportunity to see and hear the crowd-lined streets.  It’s an amazing feeling to hear all the support as you run by, from family, teammates, Team Canada supporters and even those representing other nations.  Due to the rolling start, I did not know where I was relative to the competition, only that I started and finished near the front.  It was after the race, when I had made my way out to the streets, found my family and cheered on others, that I learned I had the fastest time in my age category.  The medal ceremony happened soon after – when the result really sunk in!

My final race was the Aquabike: 1500m swim and 40km bike, on Sunday morning. We had good racing conditions again.  The river swim was an out and back, including under a bridge where spectators had a great view of the action and cheered us on.  The bike segment was a two-loop course that included a long climb (and descent) through mostly countryside and a small village.  It was difficult to tell which other athletes were doing the Aquabike, as we were on the course with the Standard distance athletes, so I just focused on pushing myself, and clearing my mind to take the whole experience in.  I loved every moment and it was extremely rewarding to realize in the final stretch that I was about to win.

What was the overall experience like at Age-Group World Championships – What was your favourite part?

It is an incredible experience.  The event takes place over four days, beginning with an opening ceremony and parade of nations, followed by three days of races for Age-Group athletes, Elites, U23s and Para athletes.  There are a few specific Team Canada activities, including a team lunch. There is so much energy and excitement around the event, you could really feel it in Pontevedra.

The scenic course, perfect weather conditions, great vibe surrounding the event, and having my kids and family there all made it a very special experience.

How did you get started in multisport… What got you into it?

I was a competitive swimmer in my younger years, with my top performance at the Canadian Youth Nationals where I won gold in 100m freestyle.  I retired from competitive swimming around the time I started University, and did not swim at all for several years.  I began mountain biking which built up some skills and strength on a bike.  The idea of doing a triathlon first occurred to me after seeing road closure signs for the North Shore Triathlon.  I figured it would be a fun new challenge to combine my swimming background and newfound interest in cycling.  The following year, in 2008, I decided to sign up for it.  I was happy to complete it and signed up in subsequent years with a goal of improvement.

You currently serve on the Board of Directors at Triathlon BC… Can you share a bit about your role, and what you enjoy most about it?

I have been on the Board since 2020.  Our role is to oversee, protect and advance the interests of Triathlon in B.C.  I am able to contribute perspectives from my background and experience as a lawyer, triathlete, past director of another provincial sports organization, member of a triathlon club, and as a parent of young triathlon participants.

I most enjoy having the opportunity to work with the rest of the Board and staff to oversee the continued positive developments in our sport, and support the inspirational achievements of athletes and the great community across our Province.

What do you think the future holds for multisport events in BC?

With all the beautiful nature we have in B.C., it’s a great place to train for and participate in multisport events.  There has been growing participation in the sport, and increasingly varied events in terms of distances, formats, locations and terrain.  I hope and believe the future of multisport will continue in this direction of growth.

How do you get in all of your training, while still managing a healthy work life balance?

Early morning is when I do most of my training.  I also cycle to and from the office and run with my kids on their bikes.

Do you have any big plans or goals for 2024?

My goal for the last few years has been to try at least one new event every year.  I am also planning to go to Malaga, Spain for the 2024 World Triathlon Age-Group Championship.

What is your favourite pre race, and post race meals?

My go-to before a race is a banana with peanut butter, and coffee.  Post race I will eat anything and everything.

What advice would you have for any athletes targeting qualification for age-group world championships?

Enjoy yourself.  Surround yourself with a supportive crew.  Find good people to train with.  Set goals.  Establish a routine.  Don’t take it too seriously.  Make sure to participate in qualifying events and submit your expression of interest (EOI) in advance.  Have fun!

Thanks for your time, congrats on a great season and we’re excited to see more big results from you in the future! 

Andrea Damiani