The Triathlon Canada 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games Selection Policy outlines the eligibility and selection criteria of Triathlon Canada for determining those athletes who will be nominated to Commonwealth Sport Canada (CSC) for selection to represent Canada at the 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games as members of the Canadian Commonwealth Youth Games Triathlon Team.

The objective of this selection process is to identify and nominate athletes capable of a podium finish in the individual and mixed relay at the 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games (Trinidad & Tobago, August 04-11). Nomination by Triathlon Canada does NOT guarantee selection. Selection is subject to Commonwealth Sport Canada approval.

Canada may send up to a maximum of one (1) male athlete and one (1) female athlete in triathlon to the Games subject to meeting the eligibility and selection criteria. Triathlon Canada is under no obligation to fill all quota spots. Should the number of quota spots change, Triathlon Canada will these changes accordingly.

This event is a FULLY self-funded event with estimated costs in Appendix B. Triathlon Canada is not obligated to provide any support other than this selection policy document and entering athletes into the event.

Within Triathlon Canada’s resources, Triathlon Canada may send a Team Leader/Coach. This is yet to be confirmed.

In order to be eligible for selection athletes must meet all the following criteria:
a. Be a Canadian citizen;
b. Be between the ages of 15 and 17 as of December 31, 2023;
c. Hold a valid Triathlon Canada International Competition Card (ICC);
d. Complete the World Triathlon medical Pre-Participation Evaluation (PPE);
e. Be members in good standing with their Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) for Triathlon and Triathlon Canada at time of selection and must maintain this status until completion of the
f. Meet all applicable citizenship requirements of Commonwealth Sport Canada (CSC) at time of selection and must maintain these requirements until the completion of the Games.
g. Be considered eligible and in good standing with World Triathlon
h. Be deemed healthy to race as per Triathlon Canada’s Competition Readiness Policy (Appendix A);

Please read the full Triathlon Canada 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games Selection Policy HERE.