Exciting news from Triathlon BC! Thanks to a generous grant, we launched a new introductory triathlon program for grades 2-5 students and hosted the Hyde Creek Spirit Triathlon in Port Coquitlam.

The school program included a triathlon assembly, gym classes, and bike and run route practices on the Traboulay Trail behind Hyde Creek Recreation Centre in preparation for the race on May 20.

Mary Hill Elementary School spearheaded the school program along with students from all over thelower mainland participated on relay teams or as individual competitors at the triathlon.

Athletes, parents, and volunteers loved the event! Here are some of their testimonials:

“My son, Omaid competed in the race individually. Watching him push through his fear of swimming, falling off his bike but getting back up so he doesn’t lose time, and then giving it his all during the run was a proud moment for me. What really made me emotional is that at the finish line, he gave me a hug and said, “I can’t wait to do this again!”– Proud Parent

“The triathlon wasn’t a single day event for the kids, it was a program at the school. It helped build school spirit and gave the kids a shared experience of something they are working toward together. Since the pandemic these opportunities have been limited and having the triathlon has been fantastic for the kids as well as their parents. – Mary Hill Parent

“Having the Triathlon at Mary Hill Elementary brought a lot of excitement for myself and my friends. We looked forward to learn the rules of a triathlon, to meet up at practice and to enjoy the big day of the event. I opted for all 3 sports. While I am a good biker, this triathlon gave me the opportunity to measure my skills for running and swimming as well. I have learned the importance of pacing myself and I learned how to “bike on’’ and “bike off”; Competing alongside my friends was a fun and safe way to experience my first triathlon. While the 3 activities were hard, I felt amazing when I passed the finish line, it gave me confidence and a sense of accomplishment! I would love to participate again next year because doing the triathlon was fun, challenging and rewarding. – Grade 3 Mary Hill student

“It was a pleasure to see children of all ages cheering each other on and high-fiving each other at the finish line. Add to that, the support of the crowd, and the ongoing encouragement of the emcee, the energy was positively electric! – Volunteer

“My daughter, Hila was the runner on her relay team. She was very anxious about running on her own on the trail and was insisting that I run with her, but as soon as her relay teammate tagged her she speed her way out of the start line and ran without looking back. That was a great moment for her to face her fears and concur it, but also a proud moment for me to watch her break the walls. – Proud Parent

A big thank you to our donors who provided athletes and volunteers with swag bags full of delicious, clean, and nutrient-dense snacks and Chawel towels.

Gnusante Gnubees   Hippie Snacks   Herbaland Gummies    Nordic Naturals     Chocxo Chocolatier     Gimme Seaweed     Santevia     Pomme Natural     Chawel Towels

Also, thank you to the following groups for their donations and support:

F2C Nutrition     Goose Insurance     Starbucks Canada     Summit Tools     Running Room     City of Port Coquitlam

We are excited to expand this program to grades 2-12. If you know of schools that would be interested in implementing the triathlon program, we invite you to reach out to us at Spirit_Triathlon@tribc.org.

We look forward to collaborating with more educational institutions and making a positive impact on the lives of students.

Can’t wait for next year! #SpiritTriathlon2024 #HydeCreek2024