With the newly released Return to Sport Guidelines, Triathlon BC is already seeing Safety Plans come in from across the province, and answering many Return-related questions from Club representatives eager to return to training in a modified capacity, and adhering to the principles of the Guidelines.

Of note, Triathlon BC’s Return to Sport guidelines are intended to provide comprehensive information, allowing individual clubs to develop their own Safety Plan in returning to sport safely.

As British Columbia moves through the phases of opening, Triathlon BC would like to ensure that a Return to Sport is safe and fun for everyone.  Through two examples, Triathlon BC’s Provincial Coach, Kelly Guest, has provided practical applications of how to apply the new guidelines within a Track and Open Water Swim environment.

Applying Return to Sport – Episode 1: Track Workouts: This video looks at considerations required for a safe return to a track-based workout for your training group.  Topics covered include providing using technology to information to athletes ahead of time, arrival and departure procedures, drills and track management for group training that limit close-proximity interaction.

Applying Return to Sport – Episode 2: Open Water Swims: This video covers considerations required for a safe return to open water swimming.  Topics covered in this video include athlete arrival procedures,  group management during a swim session, and an example of how to start an open water workout.

Applying Return to Sport – Episode 3: Cycling Skill Development: Coming Soon!