We caught up with Sidney Clement, 2023 Jr National Champion, to share her pathway from a youth triathlete to the top step of the National podium.

How did you get started – What got you into triathlon?
When I was 5 years old my parents entered me into a tri it tri and ever since I’ve been hooked! I did not start training specifically for triathlon until the age of 15 when I decided to switch my focus from competitive swimming to triathlon.

Were you part of a club or training group when you were younger (under-16)?
I was not part of a triathlon team but I was and still am part of a competitive swim team.

What is your favourite memory from your youth triathlon days?
My favourite memory from my youth triathlon days is doing the Templeton Triathlon run by Exceleration triathlon and then helping out the younger kids after my race.

Did you compete in BC Summer Games, any other youth events that you participated in?
I did compete in the BC Summer Games in 2018 but for swimming not triathlon.

Did you compete at Canada Summer Games, if so, what was your favourite experience of the games?
I did compete at Canada Summer Games last year and it was an amazing experience! My favorite part was that all of the athletes from stayed in the Brock University dorms and we were able to meet so many athletes from around the country. We would all eat in the food court and play games after outside like spike ball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball or best of all pin trading.

Are you part of a club or training group as a Junior?
I am currently part of a swim team and running team but not a triathlon club. I am, however, going to Arizona State University next year to compete on their women’s triathlon team which I am super excited for.

What is one of the biggest challenges as a Junior athlete, and how do you manage or overcome it?
It became quite challenging to manage the training in all three sports with the demands of school and keeping up my grades.

Have you competed at World Championships as a Junior, if so, what was the best experience from that event?
Yes, last year I competed at the World Championships. My favorite part of competing at Junior Worlds was getting to meet the best professional triathletes around the world and watch how they competed and prepared for the race.

What other events did you compete in as a Junior; local, national, and international events?
I have also competed at the North American Junior Championships where I placed 2nd and many other events such as US national championships

As a Junior, do you compete in any U23 or Elite races?… If so, what are some of the challenges and highlights?
I have not competed in any U23 or elite races yet but I hope to do some this summer.

What does the average day look like for you during the year, training wise?
On the average day, I go to school in the morning then go straight to a 2hour swim practice with my swim team. After, I head over to the track to do a run with my running team or jump on the bike for an hour or two before dinner.

Who is your sporting Idol?
There are many triathletes that I look up to – all for different reasons. Georgia Taylor Brown and Jessica Learmouth are two from Britain are such great competitors and also make me laugh.

What is your favourite pre race, and post race meal?
Before a race I normally have toast with peanut butter and jam, after the race I will eat anything I want!

What’s on your pre race, or training, playlist?
I don’t have specific songs I listen to, just anything with a lot of hype!

What advice would you have for any younger athletes starting their triathlon journey?
Don’t place too much emphasis on results and enjoy the process!

Thanks for your time, congrats on your results so far and best of luck at Jr World Championships!