Sport BC’s annual Athlete of the Year Awards is Canada’s longest-running sport recognition event that honors BC’s best athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers in a number of categories. As you may know, the last full event was celebrating the sport stories of 2019.  Unfortunately, due to global pandemic, Sport BC did not have a call for nominations for the year of 2020.

This year we are asking nominators to consider their nominee’s achievements for either 2021 OR 2022 (not both, it is up to the nominator to select the best year of achievement). In order to showcase more BC sport stories after the absence of the event we will have five (5) finalists per category (except the Daryl Thompson Award and Harry Jerome which only have one recipient)

In total there are 16 categories to that are open for nomination:

    1. Athlete with a Disability
    2. College Athlete
    3. University Athlete
    4. Daryl Thompson Award
    5. Female Coach
    6. Male Coach
    7. Harry Jerome Comeback Award
    8. High School Female Athlete
    9. High School Male Athlete
    10. Junior Female Athlete
    11. Junior Male Athlete
    12. Master Athlete
    13. Official
    14. Senior Female Athlete
    15. Senior Male Athlete
    16. Team
Triathlon BC is currently seeking nominations for all categories.  If you know of an athlete, coach, official or volunteer who are notable achievers in their respective categories, please let us know by completing the form below.
Previous winners from Triathlon have included Carolyn Murray (Coach),  Loreen Barnett (Daryl Thompson), Kirsten Sweetland (Junior Female),  Paula Findlay (Senior Female),  Simon Whitfield (Senior Male), Lori Bowden (Best of BC & Senior Female), Peter Reid (Best of BC & Senior Male), KC Emerson (Daryl Thompson), Stephanie Kieffer (Master Female) and Les McDonald (Master Male & Daryl Thompson).

The deadline for nomination submissions is November 21st, 2022.