The following provides an outline of our 2024 Para Designated Race (PDR) Calendar. This program was designed to better meet the needs of all Para athletes on both the community and high performance pathways. There may still be revisions made to this calendar in the coming months.


BC—Kamloops Triathlon-Para Provincial Champioinships
Logan Lake, BC June 22

Alberta—Calgary KOS
Calgary, AB June 16

Manitoba—St Malo Triathlon
St Malo, MB June 22

Manitoba—Birds Hill Triathlon
Birds Hill, MB June 9

Ontario—Contact Triathlon Ontario for race options:
Ontario May-August

Quebec—Triathlon et Duathlon de St-Lambert
St-Lambert, QC June 15

Quebec—Triathlon de Valleyfield
Valleyfield, QC August 17/18

Quebec—Challenge Esprit Montreal
Montreal, QC September 7/8

Atlantic Provinces—Hampton Ladies Triathlon
Hampton, NB June 9

Montreal, Quebec Montreal, QC June 29

Overview – What is a Para Designated Race?
A Para Designated Race is a triathlon or multisport event that has been identified as a race that is or can be accessible for most Para athletes. The aim of having a PDR Calendar is to provide more race opportunities for Para athletes across the country to compete in and provide a pathway for beginner and up-and-coming paratriathletes to race domestically. In addition to the events listed, there may be other provincially sanctioned events in your area that are Para-accessible, please reach out to the race organizers and see if these races meet or can be adapted to meet your needs.

Who Should be Racing PDRs?
PDR races are geared towards athletes who have a physical or visual impairment, from beginners to seasoned athletes who want to race in a triathlon. Currently in Para triathlon there are 3 main sport classes for racing. See the definition of Open Para Categories below. Official classification is not required to enter an Open Para category at a PDR, athletes only need to self-identify as a Para athlete and be ready for the demands of the sport and distance. Athletes will race in a non-drafting Age Group/Open Para category.

Following Triathlon Canada rules for sprint distance races, athlete must be aged 16+ as of December 31st of the competition year. Para athletes under the age of 16 can reach out to the event race director if they are interested in racing shorter distance events.

While race organizers across Canada are working hard to create race opportunities for Para athletes, some vents may not be accessible for all impairments due to the variety of course elements used across the triathlon and multisport disciplines. Please contact the event race director directly (on their website) to ensure the race course is accessible and safe for you.

If you are not sure racing in a PDR event is right for you, reach out to

Categories for Open Para triathlon for PDR events:
PTWC – PARA TRIATHLON WHEELCHAIR CLASS: Athletes must use a recumbent handcycle on the bike course and a racing wheelchair on the run segment. The athlete’s day chair (must have breaks) is used to go from pre-transition to transition and a handler assists with each transfer into racing equipment. Athletes must source their own handler.

PTS – PARA TRIATHLON STANDING CLASS: Athletes with limb impairments can range from severe to mild. In both bike and run segments athletes may use approved prosthesis or other supportive devices.

PTVI – PARA TRIATHLON VISUALLY IMPAIRED CLASS: A guide (same gender) is mandatory throughout the race. Athlete and guide must be tethered for the swim and run and ride a tandem during the bike segment. Athletes must source their own guide.

For information on International Para Triathlon Sport Classes, click here: World Triathlon Para Sport Classes

Who can race Open Para Triathlon National Championships?
As Triathlon Canada is working on growing Para Triathlon nationally, the Open Para Triathlon National Championships event is open to all Para athletes ready for the demands of the sport and distance. No classification is needed to enter the race. Registration will be open shorty.

Triathlon Canada will be hosting a National Para Development Camp June 27-30th in Montreal. This camp is open to all Para triathletes who want to learn more about Para Triathlon, learn new skills, and meet fellow Para athletes from across the country. More details will be posted on the Triathlon website soon.

Where can I get more information?
Submit an EOI to Triathlon Canada to receive updates on all Para Triathlon related races, camps and webinars or reach out to your provincial sport organization (PSO).
EOI form ENG:
EOI form FR:
General inquiries can be submitted to: