A research team  out of Brock University and the University of Ottawa is working closely with Triathlon Canada in creating a program to help shift the organization’s culture to align with Safe Sport values.

The Team has now reached the second stage of their research, which involves conducting interviews with members of Triathlon Canada who want to make a difference in both the sport and the organization.

The research team would like to hear your perspectives about Triathlon Canada’s approach to implementing Safe Sport policies and training, helping to create a Safe Sport program that works for the organization as well as its members.

The Team is in the process of recruiting interview participants for two 30-minute interviews to discuss overall experiences at Triathlon Canada, your opinions surrounding Triathlon Canada’s sport environment, and your thoughts regarding their Safe Sport policies and training (regardless of if you have interacted with them or not). The interviews will take place over Zoom, and everything shared during the interviews will be completely anonymized.

If you are interested in participating, please email Talia at triitondo@uottawa.ca (or scan the QR code in the poster to send an email) indicating your interest and a time and date that works for you.