Triathlon Canada supports athletes in reaching the Olympic and Paralympic podium, and we also hope to inspire all Canadians who want to discover the sport of triathlon. Regardless of where that start line is for our growing community of high-performance athletes (Competitive) or our passionate age groupers (Community), we firmly believe each of these athletes deserve great coaches, along with a safe environment to train and compete while connecting with your passion to swim, bike and run.

Coaches have the first contact with all athletes who enter the sport, and therefore, are responsible for building a solid foundation for the athlete experience and skill acquisition for triathletes in Canada. As a result, Triath-lon Canada in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada, will launch an updated National Coach-ing Certification Program in 2019. Built on values of trust, integrity, accountability, respect and excellence, the program is designed to provide positive coaching education and practices amongst Canada’s triathlon coaching community through mentorship, education, training and certification.

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