Triathlon BC, in close collaboration and full alignment, strives to ensure Sustained Competitive Excellence embracing both, a systems based approach and a winning focused approach, using the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model to provide a critical understanding of our high performance development pathway.

Triathlon BC has identified 7 key fillers to High Performance:

1. Leadership: Build a team with a common vision and goal of making Triathlon BC the leading province in Canada.
2. Attitude: Foster a winning culture among the athletes using appropriate training and competition strategies to ensure success.
3. People: Advance the level of coaching delivery at all phases of the podium pathway.

4. Support: Provide excellent support and service to athletes at all levels of the program.
5. Environment: Creating Coach driven, athlete focused, daily performance environments.

6. Pathways: Ensure an effective system with programs to serve both the specific needs of podium potential athletes while at the same time developing programs to address limiters and gaps within the podium pathway.
7. Program Accessibility: Ensure the talent ID and development programs are effective in delivering a larger talent pool based on Triathlon Canada's “Gold Medal Profile” criteria."    


Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) is a leader in the delivery of programs, services and expertise in high performance sport in Canada. The successes of athletes, coaches, staff and volunteers affiliated with the CSI is directly related to the strong partnerships that have been established with regional, provincial and national organizations. 

Regional Training Centres (RTC) are located in Victoria and Vancouver, and draw on successful athletes that can meet pre-established swim/run standards at three development levels. 

Triathlon BC & Canadian Sport Institute athlete cards are targeted for athletes 23 years of age and under (qualified athletes may appeal the age exemption; however, they must show a minimum [3%] measureable time improvement from one year to the next, documented at sanctioned Triathlon, Swim or Run events).

The Integrative Performance System (or IPS) Carding is a program provided by the Canadian Sport Institute and PacificSport supporting identified athletes with access to programs and services.  These services range from free gym access at participating locations, to biomechanical analysis for elite level athletes, to workshops on marketing and career development.  Athletes on Triathlon BC's IPS List are identified using a set of criteria (see below). Annual intake begins in the fall/winter each year.

To view the 2015/16 CSI Triathlon Athlete Eligibility Criteria, please click HERE.

Coaches (IPS)

Personal coaches can also recieve access to services if they have and currently coach an athlete selected to the BC Athletics IPS Carding List.  Like the athletes, coaches will recieve a notification via email.  For more information on services for coaches, please click the link below.



When applying for, or renewing TriBC membership, athletes have the option of declaring their provincial  'Elite' status.  While the decision to make this declaration is up to the athlete, TriBC will review the basis for the declaration before issuing a provincial Elite membership.  An athlete must hold an Elite or Junior Elite membership in order to compete in any Elite heats at all Triathlon BC-sanctioned events, including Race Series events, Provincial Championships.  Athletes wishing to compete in the Elite category at National or International events should contact Triathlon Canada to confirm their Elite status, and their ability to compete as an Elite out of country.

To qualify for funding to national and international competitions, and for the Provincial Series points, athletes must hold an 'Elite' membership and race in the Elite category, where offered.  Junior athletes (aged 16-19) who wish to declare themselves as 'Junior Elite' may also do so.  Note Elite application/requests are processed at the beginning of the season, prior to the start of any racing events, and at latest, March 31st of any given year. 

All Elite athletes must submit a photocopy of their BC Care Card to prove residency together with each application. 


The reasons for establishing an Elite category includes encouraging athletes to compete at a higher level of competition, and to use the experience of racing as an Elite as a stepping stone to compete at the National and International level.

Funding/Criteria Issues

In order to be eligible for funding, prize purses, or eligibility for certain events in BC, an athlete must hold a valid Elite membership.  Any Elite athlete who chooses to race in an Age Group category when the option to race as an elite exists will be re-classified as an Age Group member of Triathlon BC (see race exemptions below).

Please note that declaring your Elite or Junior Elite standing does not automatically qualify you for funding from Triathlon BC.  Elite and Junior Elite athletes must submit a request and meet the specific criteria set in the outlined documents to qualify for funding to national and international competitions.

Senior Elite Short Course Criteria

To better reflect the changing environment of Elite Short Course racing, Triathlon BC 's Senior Elite Short Course Elite Criteria went under considerable review in the winter of 2011.   With consultation from senior Triathlon Canada staff, a revised provincial Criteria was ratified.  The (new) Criteria includes performance swim/run benchmarks, to better prepare Elite athletes for the rigors of Elite Short Course competitions.    

To be granted a Triathlon BC Elite membership, athletes must be in good standing with Triathlon BC. In addition, athletes applying for Elite status must download, complete and return the Elite Membership Application found below.

Please note, except in special circumstances, and with support of a certified coach, all Elite membership requests must be submitted to Triathlon BC prior to the start of each season, and before March 31st of each year.


    Junior Elite Criteria (16-19 years)

    Similar to Senior Elite Short Course athletes, Junior athletes requesting Junior Elite Cards must:

    • Be current members in good standing with Triathlon BC
    • Submit a photocopy of their BC Care Card to prove residency.
    In addition, athletes applying for Junior Elite status must download, complete and return the Junior Elite Membership Application found below.


    To ensure maximum safety of all competitors, athletes new to the Junior Elite stream must provide confirmation of drafting skills.   Confirmation can come by way of a certified cycling coach, an evaluation by a named representative from the Triathlon Canada's Performance Training Centre (PTC) or Victoria's Regional Training Centre (RTC-Vic) or from a number of Triathlon BC designated performance coaches.

    Hopeful Junior Elite athletes are strongly encourage to participate in PTC/RTC Development opportunities whenever offered.To arrange a drafting evaluation, please contact Triathlon BC.


    Long Distance Elite Criteria

    Athletes hopeful of competing at the Elite level in Long Distance competitions must:

    • Be current members in good standing with Triathlon BC.
    • Submit a photocopy of their BC Care Card to prove residency.
    In addition, athletes applying for Elite (LD) status must download, complete and return the Elite Long Distance Membership Application found below.


    Maintaining Elite Status

    Athletes who currently hold an Elite or Junior Elite membership will be evaluated against the above criteria at the start of each season. If an athlete is unable to maintain performance against the current criteria, they may not be issued an Elite membership card (subject to special circumstances i.e. injury, etc.).  An athlete who has previously raced Junior Elite, can maintain an Elite membership when they turn 20 years of age.  Those who are maintaining their Elite membership may be asked to submit documentation to ensure that they still meet the Elite standards.

    National Elite Card

    Please note, to race outside of Canada as an Elite, athletes should request an Elite Development Card from Triathlon Canada.  Please contact Triathlon Canada further information on National Development and Elite carding.