Officials are classified into four distinct levels. Level 1 and 2 Officials are combined to cover novice, club, and local Officials.  National Technical Officials (Level 3) status allows officials to work at Provincial and National Championship events; and International Technical Official (Level 4) status is required for Officials at major International events such as the Pan Am Games and Olympics.

The Officiating program in BC is considered to be among the best in Canada! Triathlon BC conducts three to four Officials clinics around the province each year. At a typical event, between three and five Officials are required. However, with large events such as IRONMAN Canada, there is a need to provide over thirty Officials for shifts lasting over eight hours.

Regional events, including Provincial Championships, and Provincial Summer Games provide an excellent opportunity for Officials to gain exposure/experience and work with higher-level Officials.

Bicycles of non-traditional patterns (bicycles with irregular rider position) are considered illegal unless approved by the Chief Race Official well prior to the race.

For athletes with a disability, the term 'bicycle' includes: bicycle, handcycle, tricycle, tandem bicycle and racing wheelchair. Any AWAD competitor using equipment that is non-traditional should have it approved prior to race-day.

Please note - The term 'bicycle' does not refer to recumbent bicycles which are illegal for all competitors AWAD or able bodied.

For further clarification, Officials, Race Directors and Athletes are urged to review the official rules for specific descriptions of all legal cycling equipment. The rules that govern triathlon in Canada can be found HERE.

Officials Clinics are conducted in the spring and summer of each season. If you belong to a club, race organization, or community that requires individuals to be trained as an Official, please contact Triathlon BC and we will arrange for a clinic to be conducted in your area.  We require at least four people to attend an Officials Clinic; we do not charge a fee for participation.

We are constantly looking for individuals that are interested in becoming part of our Officiating team.  If you are interested in becoming an Official, please contact us.  Note that we encourage:

  • each club to have at least two certified Officials;
  • parents to become involved as Officials at Kid, Youth, and Junior events; and
  • current members to give back to the sport by Officiating at an event.

Officials Clinics, while prerequisite to becoming an official, are also a good introduction to the rules of the sport.  Please note, all Officials must be current members of Triathlon BC when officiating.



Registration forms can be found in WORD or PDF formats.  If you are registering for a course please complete the registration form and email it to

Officials ensure that events are conducted in a fair and safe manner, under the governing rules of the sport.

The following is a link to the International Triathlon Union (ITU) competition rules.  These apply to all sanctioned races throughout BC and across Canada.  Triathlon BC has prepared an Appendix to the ITU rules for additions/ammendment to the ITU rules that are applicable in sanctioned races throughout British Columbia.