Young Athletes & Kids of Steel – cultivating exceptional childhood experiences through sport.

Kids of Steel

The Kids of Steel (KOS) program is Triathlon Canada's national youth development program, aimed at athletes under the age of 19. The Kids of Steel program has an overarching objective of providing a guideline for youth development. Details on Kids of Steel, the National Sport Trust Fund, a listing of our youth clinics and much more can be found below.

Kids of Steel Promotes:

  • Healthy, active living – triathlon as a lifestyle sport
  • Lifelong participation – recreation and competitive streams; developmentally appropriate training
  • Safety – distance and equipment regulations
  • Fun – enjoyment of sport, celebration of personal excellence and camaraderie
  • Skill development
  • The foundations underlying the Kids of Steel are based on sound theory, encompassing:
  • Comprehensive research in youth sport
  • Physiological, psychological and social growth development patterns
  • Maturational issues
  • National sport development models
  • Olympic values


2017 Triathlon BC Youth Rules

External School Sports Credit Program

If you are a high-school-aged athlete, member of Triathlon BC, and have fulfilled the minimum eligibility for any of the approved programs listed below, please contact Triathlon BC to request a letter confirming your participation and to earn high school graduating credits!

Athlete 10 – Zone Select Team
Athlete 11 – BC Athlete Assistance Program
Athlete 12 –  Provincial Team – Nationals, Junior National Development Team or U23
National Development Team

If you are an athlete or a parent of an athlete that may be eligible for External School Credits, please contact Triathlon BC for more information.

Age/Distance Rules (Maximum)

There are specific rules that apply to youth events to maximize safety, inclusion and participation. Important equipment rules are highlighted below.  A detailed outline of the rules can found in the 2017 Triathlon BC Youth Rules.

Under 7 to 11 years
  • No aerobars permitted
  • SPD Style Clipless pedals permitted (recessed cleat, entry on both sides of pedal required)
  • Wheels: minimum 16 spokes, 2.4mm maximum spoke depth, metal rim, 25mm maximum rim depth, 23C minimum tire width
  • Recommended Gearing: 42 x 16 (7&U), 42 x 16 (8-9), 46 x 16 (10-11)
12 to 15 years
  • No aerobars permitted
  • All clipless pedal systems permitted
  • Wheels: minimum 16 spokes, 2.4mm maximum spoke depth, metal rim, 25mm maximum rim depth, 23C minimum tire width
  • Recommended Gearing: 46 x 14 (12-13), 50 x 14 (14-15)
16 to 19 years
  • Draft-legal aerobars permitted
  • All clipless pedal systems permitted
  • Wheels: most race wheels permitted as per UCI rules. 60mm maximum rim depth.
  • Recommended Gearing: 52 x 14

Age/Distance Rules (Maximum)

Event distance regulations promote skill acquisition, speed, and inclusion (everyone can finish). Listed distances are MAXIMUM distances in each sport. Athletes can compete in shorter divisions or lower age groups, but, in accordance with Triathlon Canada regulations, may NOT race up in age or distance.

7 & U50m1.5km500m
8 to 9100m5km1km
10 to 11200m5km2km
12 to 13300m10km3km
14 to 15500m10km4km
16 to 19750m20km5km

Youth Clinics:

National Sport Trust Fund

Triathlon BC’s Pool to Podium program has been created to bring high performance athletes from a provincial level to an international performance standard. These athletes have been identified as meeting and/or exceeding strict eligibility criteria. It brings together top tier athlete support, advanced coaching, intensive training, and international caliber competition opportunities. Donations made to the Pool to Podium program will be used to offset the cost of facility rentals, routine health and wellness screening, physiological testing and assessment, training, travel and cost of competitions for developing young athletes on the cusp of making our National Team.

To learn more about giving, and to donate to our Pool to Podium program, click on the button below.

Pool to Podium Program