Triathlon BC is excited to announce the 2024 SuperSeries schedule!

This draft-legal series provides an exciting race experience for competition focused athletes aged 14-23. As a performance pathway series, the intention is to support athletes and coaches to focus on developing their engine, technical skills, and tactical skills – all of which are crucial assets for athletes as they build towards success at High-Performance events such as National Championships, International events, and the Olympics Games. This series also provides a great opportunity for elite athletes to prepare for their international competition season.

This year’s 4-race series will test athletes’ skill, strategy and preparation through a variety of exciting race formats and venues! Athletes can collect points at each event with provincial championships offering bonus points toward series standings, and the overall champion will be awarded at the end of the season.

“The Triathlon BC Super Series event is an excellent opportunity for our athletes to get the highest level of competition within unique race experiences that challenge their preparation, tactics and technical skills,” said Provincial Coach, Kelly Guest.  “Over the years, athletes from other provinces and countries have come to our events to help them better prepare for their triathlon goals. In 2024, we are really excited to see two of the SuperSeries events join the Western Canadian Triathlon Series”

Is the SuperSeries for you? If any of the points below resonate with you, it could indicate YES!

  • Are you a competition focused athlete, and targeting events like BC Super Sprint Provincial Championships?
  • Are you a CSIP (Canadian Sports Institute- Pacific) Targeted Athlete, or are you motivated to reach the criteria to become a CSIP Targeted Athlete?
  • Are you an international level Junior or U23 looking for additional race experience in preparation for your race calendar?
  • Do you have a great amount of experience drafting on the bike, decent swim and run experience, and want to go to the Olympics one day?

Athletes are required to have draft legal certification, and or have Criterium or similar cycling drafting race experience.

Still unsure if the SuperSeries is right for you? Feel free to reach out to the local club or coach in your area, or contact our Provincial Coach by email with any questions:


2024 SuperSeries Calendar

SuperSeries #1: UVIC Mad Moto Duathlon & TT
Date: May 4 & 5th, 2024 TBC
Location: Victoria
Discipline: Duathlon and TT
Age: Youth (14/15), Junior (16 – 19), U23 (20  – 23). Kids to fill Duathlon event (no TT)
Day 1: April 22nd will run from 2-5pm, and include two individual Time Trial events (bike/run).
Day 2: April 23rd will be the Mad Motos, with heats based off of Saturdays times.
Registration: Cancelled for 2024


SuperSeries #2: North Shore Triathlon
Date: May 20, 2024
Location: North Vancouver
Discipline: DL SuperSprint Triathlon
Age: Youth (14/15), Junior (16 – 19), U23 (20  – 23)


SuperSeries #3: Victoria Youth Triathlon
Date: 9, 2024
Location: Victoria
Discipline: DL SuperSprint Triathlon
Age: Youth (14/15), Junior (16 – 19), U23 (20  – 23)
*Triathlon only, no TT events the day before.


SuperSeries #4: Kamloops Youth Triathlon – BC Junior/U23 Championships
Date: June 22, 2024
Location: Kamloops
Discipline: DL SuperSprint Triathlon
Age: Youth (14/15), Junior (16 – 19), U23 (20  – 23)


Disciplines Included Within Series:

Individual sport time trials:
A competition of one sport, for example, 200m swim race OR 1500 track event. Time trials are events where athletes are started at a staggered interval and drafting or working with another athlete is prohibited. Races are events where athletes are started at the same time, drafting with another athlete is allowed.

Run/Bike/Run race

Mad Moto:
Athletes are seeded into a Moto (which is a smaller group of athletes) based on the previous days time trial performance. Each Moto allows for multiple rounds on a highly technical course and starts once the athletes from the previous Moto have cleared the course. This alternating start allows for recovery, reset, and observation of other Moto racing. Typical rounds are between 12-16minutes in duration. Lap out rule is in effect for the bike, which means if an athlete is lapped on the bike portion they must pull off the course and will score no points for that round.  Still not sure? Check out our youtube clip HERE.

Performance on demand:
Typical one-off Triathlon event over any distance.


Additional Information:

Draft-Legal, meaning athletes can take advantage of riding in another athletes slip-stream. *Athletes in these events MUST be approved by Triathlon BC through draft-legal certification or provide other evidence of competent bike handling skills (competitive level Cycling BC events).

Youth/Junior/ U23/ Elite Categories:
For performance on demand Triathlon events: all athletes, regardless of gender or age, will start together in one race. SuperSeries final placing will recognise gender and category. Age Categories are based off your age as of December 31: Youth (14-15yrs), Junior (16-19), U23 (20-23)

For Mad Moto: Athletes will race in groups based on performance level and then be sorting into gender and category for the SuperSeries results.


SuperSeries Points Structure

Two-Day Events (Victoria TT/Mad Moto):
Athletes will compete for total points against the entire group over two days of competition, regardless of age or gender. Once both days points are tallied, overall weekend results will be posted as one group, and SuperSeries results and points will be separated by gender and age.

Day-1 Individual Time Trials:
1 point will be awarded to the fastest athlete (per age category and gender) for each TT on Day-1, and will be added to that athlete’s final score on the Day 2 event.

Day-2 Mad Moto:
The previous day Time Trial competitions will seed athletes into a Moto (heat). Fastest seeded athletes will be put in Moto A, the next fastest will be put in Moto B, next fastest in Moto C. The number of Moto and number of athletes per Moto will be determined by registration, venue capacity, and Time Trial times.

Athletes will race within their Moto for POINTS (not time). Points will be based on the total number of participants with the winner of Moto A scoring points equal to the number of the competitors in the event, and the last athlete in the slowest seeded Moto scoring 1 point per round.

The Mad Moto format typically has 2-3 scoring rounds per event.

The athlete with the most points at the end of the Mad Moto competition will be named the winner and awarded 25 point toward the SuperSeries Rankings while the athletes that place 12 or lower will be awarded 1 point toward the Super Series Rankings. Athletes that placing 2nd through 12th will be awarded points within their category and gender as set out below.

Day-2 Triathlon:
Only athletes who compete in Saturday’s TT events will be eligible for the weekend total points. Sunday’s Triathlon placings will be separated out using only Saturday’s participants. Sunday’s Triathlon points will be awarded based on the total number of athletes, with the winner scoring points equal to the number of the competitors in the 2-day event, and the last athlete scoring 1 point. Saturday and Sunday’s points will be combined to provide overall placings. SuperSeries results will be separated by gender and age – with the winners of each gender and age receiving 25 points and the following placings per Super Series points structure below.

Individual Race Points:
North Shore will provide 25 points to the winners in each category and gender, on down to 1 point for 12th place, with premium points distributed at the Kamloops BC Championships.

Super Series Points:

1st – 25pts, 2nd – 20pts, 3rd – 18pts, 4th – 16 pts, 5th – 14pts, 6th – 12pts, 7th -10pts, 8th – 8pts, 9th – 6pts, 10th – 4pts, 11th – 2pts, 12th and beyond – 1 pts

BC Championships Premium Points:

1st – 30pts, 2nd – 25pts, 3rd – 23pts, 4th – 21pts, 5th – 19pts, 6th – 17pts, 7th -15pts, 8th – 13pts, 9th – 12pts, 10th – 10pts, 11th – 8pts, 12th – 6pts, 13th – 4pts, 14th – 2pts, 15th and beyond – 1pt.

2024 Super Series Final Rankings – Best 3 events.
The Super Series rankings will be posted shortly after each event. Final rankings will be determined by counting the best 3 Super Series results

In the event of a Series tie, results from the Provincial Championships will take precedents in determining the overall finishing order.