Through the Project 2024 Team initiative, Triathlon BC aims to build a community of high performance athletes and coaches across British Columbia while continuing to foster a culture of community, cooperation, collaboration and performance

Vision: To be the program of choice and a National Team gateway for provincially identified, BC-based athletes who are within Triathlon Canada’s Olympic/Paralympic podium pathway.

Mission: To provide a high-performance environment for BC-based athletes through enhanced coaching, sport science and medicine services and liaising and maximizing efficiencies with Triathlon Canada’s High Performance Department to enable athlete progression and/or succession.

Goal: To ensure BC athletes are developed with the appropriate skills and attributes to succeed at the national and international level through the highest quality athlete programming, semi-annual gap assessment, dynamic annual planning and creating high quality competitive experiences, allowing athletes to directly benchmark against national and international standards.

Upon a landscape review, examining gaps in high performance development, Triathlon BC created the provincial SuperSeries.  Based on a need to provide performance pathway athletes, between the ages of 13 and 19, with increased domestic competition opportunities, the SuperSeries provides competitors with the opportunity to develop the unique skills necessary to excel in draft legal competition, equipping athletes with the skills to successfully transition onto Triathlon Canada’s National Development Teams.

In a bid to increase the depth of competition, Triathlon BC expanded the SuperSeries to include U23 racers in 2018, and hopes to make the SuperSeries an integral component of the evolving Western Canadian University Series in the near future, further adding to the already high level of competition. The aim of the Series continues to be to provide athletes with robust race opportunities and training environments that equip them for national and international success by the year 2024 and beyond.

Based on the ongoing success of the last four years,  Triathlon BC’s Project 2024 Team was borne, creating an official team of BC’s highest level Junior and U23 athletes to compete throughout the province, across Canada and internationally. Through a provincially driven community approach, athletes ages 16-23 will have access to a specialized support system which will enhance their level of development and competition, while significantly reducing the financial investment which can often inhibit long-term retention and success in the sport of triathlon.

Project 2024 Team member athletes and coaches will have access to resources that include senior level specialists in Mental Performance, Sports Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning and medical and paramedical support. All of the initiatives of the program will be motivated by the drive to build resilient, faster and more intelligent athletes capable of delivering high performance outcomes on demand. The overarching goal of the Project is to see more BC athletes on National Teams achieving international podiums in the coming years.

Working in collaboration and in full alignment with Triathlon Canada, the Project 2024 Team brings unheralded opportunities to develop the skills necessary for international-caliber racing, as athletes progress through the provincial developmental pathway and on to the Olympic/Paralympic pathway.

Through routine reporting and oversight by the Canadian Sport Institute – Pacific, Triathlon BC has demonstrated an ability to provide organizational support to athletes through flexibility in training schedules, meaningful race opportunities, decentralized coaching and collaboration with other provinces. The value of this support is evidenced by the high conversion rate of athletes moving from provincial programs to nationally supported programs. Triathlon BC will strive to enhance these opportunities and conversion rates through continuing to support projects like the 2018 European Project. 

Project 2024 Team coaching will be anchored within the philosophy of Honesty, Respect, Fair play, Teamwork and Personal Excellence.

Honesty is the underpinning value that allows us to build meaningful relationships and through those relationships we can support true development.   

Respect for athletes, coaches and clubs will help all stakeholders develop and grow in a positive and performance direction.

Fair play is a critical component to the spirit of sport and the purity of true sport performance. Project 2024 will participate in Truesport 101 initiatives and maintain a firm stance of Fair Play at its core.

Teamwork is critical to success. Teamwork among and between athletes, athletes and coaches, and importantly, teamwork between coaches will ensure an open, trusting and honest performance environment.

Personal Excellence is different for everyone. For some it may be the top step of the Podium at a World Championships or Olympic Games. For others it may be to push themselves as far as physically possible in the sport of triathlon while achieving a high GPA throughout their University degree. Personal Excellence simply boils down to being the best that you can be.

Triathlon BC supports the individual and personal needs of developing athletes by honoring a decentralized coaching and training system with opportunities to participate in province-wide initiatives. Triathlon BC believes that development-aged athletes perform best when in their home environment with their existing support systems and does not encourage moving athletes away from the home environment at the provincial stage of the development pathway. Day-to-day training for the provincially identified athletes will remain in the athlete’s home environment. Unique training opportunities will be offered for athletes to come together as a group to enhance the performance environment and build community across the province.

Project 2024 Team training opportunities will aim to take place in BC cities with existing universities and performance clubs. It is our hope that this priority will contribute to minimizing future disruption for athletes that are transitioning from their home Daily Performance Environment (DPE) to a new DPE while attending university.

Successfully enrolled Project 2024 Team athletes will receive:

  • Planning monitoring and gap assessment
  • Entry into benchmark events
  • Rudy Project Helmet and performance eyewear
  • Exclusive Project 2024 Team training apparel
  • Access to all mad moto events
  • Pre-race and race day venue support at all BC Super Series events
  • Access to discounts on race wheels, smart trainers and bikes through established Triathlon BC partnership programs
  • Significant Fee savings on training camps, group travel and races identified by the Project 2024 Team
  • Full entry fees to National Championships, Magog CAMTRI, Edmonton Relays, and Provincial Championships
  • Over $800 worth of Performance Services of Mental Performance and Sport Nutrition through world class experts at Canadian Sports Institute Pacific
  • Fully subsidized Strength and Conditioning follow up assessment at Fortius Health and Fitness.


  • Triathlon BC member in good standing
  • CSIP Nominated and actively registered
  • Junior or U23 athlete
  • Priority to Performance criteria (see page 9 of Canadian Sports Institute / Triathlon BC 2019 Athlete and Coach Nomination Criteria)
  • Seasonal differential average performances (If the number of qualified athletes applying exceeds 12, a performance ranking will be created based on race differentials from the 2018 season)
  • Commitment to Mandatory Projects
  • Not enrolled in a Triathlon Canada Daily Performance Environment or Supported by Sport Canada carding

Through significant investment on behalf of ViaSport and the Canadian Sport Institute, the monthly fee to participate in Project 2024 Team programming is $250.00, with a six-month commitment. Program fees will be collected each month through monthly billing. Lump sum payments are acceptable upon request.

Monthly fees will subsidize training services and cost of facility/equipment rentals for all program related training activities, including training camps and special seminars. Triathlon BC is committed to reallocating program fees to support and reduce each athlete’s cost.

Participation in the Project 2024 Team will reduce the cost of a race season to athletes while increasing the value of dollars spent through group rates, partnerships and financial support from the province of BC.  Wherever possible, Triathlon BC will help to arrange carpooling or homestays for traveling athletes to help mitigate the costs to the athletes.

Limited financial aid is available for select athletes. Please make a request to if participation in the program would cause significant financial hardship.

Athletes who do not attend two mandatory projects will be invoiced at full dollar value for of specific projects missed. Exceptions can be made with sufficient notice or valid Doctors note in the case of an injury. 

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For more information, please contact Kelly Guest, Provincial Coach.

Athletes able to meet the criteria listed can register by clicking on the button below.