Triathlon Canada is ready to roll out age group World Championship spot allocations for 2024.  The format remains unchanged from previous years, as outlined below, with some updates, also noted below.

The engagement with this program over the 2023 season has seen very positive growth.  Close to 1,400 people across the country submitted expressions of interest for the qualifying process, with the 2024 Team consisting of almost 500 athletes, showing genuine interest and desire for age group athletes to represent Canada internationally!


Triathlon Canada will be following the same format that has been used to allocate spots to each PSO previously; Adult memberships for each province are based on the total numbers from October of 2023. Canada has a total of 20 spots allocated in every discipline offered by World Triathlon, as all Championships in 2025 will be international. Competition locations for 2025 are as follows:

  • 2025 World Triathlon Multisport Championships – Pontevedra, Spain
    • Aquathlon, Cross Triathlon, Cross Duathlon, Standard Duathlon, Sprint Duathlon, Long Distance Triathlon, Long Distance Aquabike
  • 2025 World Triathlon Championships – TBD
    • Standard Triathlon, Sprint Triathlon, Standard Aquabike, Mixed Team Relay

2024 Competitions are listed below. Please do your best to avoid holding qualifiers that conflict with these dates, as athletes who attend World Championships have been upset in the past by the loss of the opportunity to qualify for the following year. Triathlon Canada understand that this is not always possible, but please be aware the overlap has spawned complaints.

  • 2024 World Triathlon Multisport Championships – Townsville, Australia (August 15 to 25)
    • Aquathlon, Cross Triathlon, Cross Duathlon, Standard Duathlon, Sprint Duathlon, Long Distance Triathlon, Long Distance Aquabike
  • 2024 World Triathlon Championships – Malaga, Spain (October 17 to 20)
    • Standard Triathlon, Sprint Triathlon, Standard Aquabike, Mixed Team Relay,


The cost of designated qualifying spots remains unchanged from 2023.

NEW FOR 2024: Standard Triathlon and Standard Aquabike now packaged together.  These are now hosted together as part of the World Championships, adding additional value to Standard distance triathlon allocations.

The Mixed Team Relay (MTR) is also available as a stand-alone qualifier. Each province is now allocated one spot for this discipline. Teams must complete an EOI and will qualify as a team.  NOTE, for the MTR, 10-year age brackets exit for each team! Spots will be awarded for each 10-year age group.

Standard Triathlon & Standard Aquabike $850.00 2 $212.50
Sprint Triathlon $850.00 2 $212.50
Mixed Team Relay $300.00 1 $75.00
Multisport – Long Distance Triathlon $600.00 2 $150.00
Multisport – Sprint or Standard Duathlon $250.00 2 $62.50
Multisport – Cross Triathlon or Cross Duathlon $250.00 2 $62.50
Multisport – Long Distance Aquabike $250.00 2 $62.50
Multisport – Aquathlon $250.00 2 $62.50

Each qualifying ‘spot’ allows for one qualifier for each each age group and each gender per posted discipline.

NEW FOR 2024: Triathlon BC will provide a Hosting Grant to a value of 25% of the posted Triathlon Canada World Championship qualifying fee to events that have been awarded qualifying events for 2024.

The Multisport bucket has been shifting around over the last few years, to confirm, current included events in the Multisport World Championships are as listed:

  • Sprint Duathlon, Standard Duathlon
  • Cross Triathlon, Cross Duathlon (new!)
  • Long Distance Triathlon, Long Distance Aquabike
  • Aquathlon


Triathlon Canada is currently working on a National Championship program for 2024.  This is STILL UNCONFIRMED, however, it is working towards a plan to host all (or most) of the events together in Montreal in early September (7/8 & 14/15 TBC).

Currently, Triathlon Canada is seeking solutions to host age group Sprint Triathlon and Cross Triathlon. With the Olympic Games next year, the calendar is going to be more difficult to manage.

It is Triathlon Canada’s hope to move National Championships west for 2025; this plan is to address 2024 only.  Triathlon BC will seek hosting grants on behalf of the successful applicant.

To submit an expression of interest in hosting a World Championship Qualifying Spot, please click HERE or on the image below.