Ensuring events are conducted in a safe and fair manner, under the governing rules of the sport.

Officiating for Triathlon Events in BC

Officials ensure that events are conducted in a safe and fair manner, and adhere to the governing rules of the sport.

Become a Technical Official

The Officials role is to ensure that events are conducted in a safe and fair manner.

To meet a growing roster of events, Triathlon BC conducts several Level 1 Officials clinics each year.

Candidates must be:

  • A minimum of 18 years old
  • A member in good standing with Triathlon BC


How to become a Level 1 Official (PTO 1)

  • Attend a Triathlon BC sanctioned training session (approximately 4 hours) after which an official is qualified to enforce and report rule violations (probationary PTO 1 / PTO 1 in training);
  • Officiate at three (3) Triathlon BC sanctioned events to become a full PTO 1.


At a typical event, between two and five Officials are required. However, with larger events where participation can exceed 1,500 athletes, there is often a need to provide many more.

The Officials Pathway

Review the full Technical Officials Pathway HERE.

Contact officials@tribc.org for any Officials’ related questions.

Triathlon Competition Rule

Below are links to the official competition rules. World Triathlon rules apply to all sanctioned races throughout BC and across Canada. Triathlon BC has prepared an Appendix to the World Triathlon rules for additions/amendment that are applicable to sanctioned races within British Columbia.

2024 World Triathlon Competition Rules
2023 Provincial Competition Rules Appendix K, X, Y



Bicycles of non-traditional patterns (bicycles with irregular rider position) are considered illegal unless approved by the Head Referee/Technical Delegate well in advance of the event.

For paratriathletes, the term ‘bicycle’ includes: bicycle, handcycle, tricycle, tandem bicycle and racing wheelchair. Any Para competitor using equipment that is non-traditional should have it approved prior to race-day.

Please note – The term ‘bicycle’ does not refer to recumbent bicycles, which are illegal for all competitors.

For further clarification, Officials, Race Directors and Athletes are urged to review the official rules for specific descriptions of all legal cycling equipment.


If you need access to a resource in a different format please email officials@tribc.org.

Officials Race Sign-up Calendar

Interested in acting as an Official for an upcoming sanction event?  Click on the link below to get started!


Officials Activity Report

In an effort to keep track of your progress as an Official, please complete the Officials Activity Report. This report will help Triathlon BC record your activity and is also where you can request an honorarium.

Click HERE to complete the Officials Activity Report after each race!

Contact officials@tribc.org for any Officials’ related questions.

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