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About events ‘Sanctioned by Triathlon BC’

'Sanctioned by Triathlon BC' indicates that an event has met the minimum requirements established by Triathlon BC. It signifies that the Race Director has completed a thorough review of an event’s swim, bike and run courses, has evaluated and planned for medical, emergency, safety and volunteer support, and that the Race Director will conduct the event according to the rules and regulations governed by World Triathlon, Triathlon Canada and/or Triathlon BC.

Our Commitment

One of the main roles of a governing body for sport – apart from developing athletes, coaches and officials – is to provide safe and fair events within its jurisdiction. Triathlon BC is committed to ensuring that safe, high-quality events are held throughout the province of BC. Sanctioned events must adhere to the rules and regulations outlined by World Triathlon and Triathlon Canada, and meet minimum safety guidelines set by Triathlon BC.

An event that is ‘sanctioned’ by Triathlon BC is an event that meets minimum standards, is well-organized, fair and safe to competitors, and follows the rules and regulations set by World Triathlon and Triathlon Canada.

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Triathlon BC 24 Hour Policy and Medical Permission

Incident Command System 101

Sanction Your Event

By sanctioning an event with Triathlon BC, you benefit from the experience and hard work that Triathlon BC, Triathlon Canada and the International Triathlon Union have invested in developing our growing sport, providing a consistent, professional platform for all stakeholders involved in hosting a successful event, regardless of size or location.

Events that meet our sanction requirements receive:

  • An insurance and risk management package, including medical, dental and $5 million third party liability coverage.
  • Assignment of subsidized Triathlon BC/Triathlon Canada accredited Officials (where/when possible).
  • Free Triathlon BC technical membership for each Race Director (one individual per event).
  • Please Note: for event insurance coverage to be activated, all Race Directors must be current members in good standing with Triathlon BC.
  • Eligibility to apply for Provincial, National or International Championships, team selection events in addition to World Triathlon Championship qualifying events.
  • Access to the TriathlonBC eNewsletter, distributed to over 8,500 subscribers!
  • Provincial calendar listing on the Triathlon BC webpage.
  • Technical Assistance:  Triathlon BC will endeavour to assist you in hosting a safe and successful event.
  • Invitation to the Race Director’s Annual Meeting; to have input into the future development of the sport.
  • Your event deserves the best, and your participants deserve a memorable and safe experience, choose to sanction your event with Triathlon BC.

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Sanction Protocol

This section pertains to the various areas of sanctioning, such as authority, purpose, process, compliance, and ultimately, the refusal to approve an event. Specific questions and information about the sanctioning process can be directed to the Triathlon BC office via email.


Triathlon BC, as the Provincial Governing Body of Triathlon and an affiliate of Triathlon Canada, retains the exclusive right to sanction triathlon and multi-sport events within the province of British Columbia.


  • To guide and assist race directors in conducting a safe, fun, fair and memorable event.
  • To provide an atmosphere of health, welfare, and safety for  competitors, race personnel, spectators, officials, and volunteers.


Please note the following regarding timing and the process for sanctioning your event:

  • Complete sanctioning packages must arrive at Triathlon BC’s office a minimum by March 31 of the calendar year (ie. if your race is in 2019 we need your sanction package by March 31, 2019)
  • Sanctioning packages will be reviewed by the Race Committee. Once approved, a confirmation notice will be sent to the event’s listed Race Director.
  • Upon approval, the Race Director may request a Certificate of Insurance be issued. Note, insurance certificates are not released until an event is approved, and is free of financial obligations.
  • Following an event – and no later than 30 days after an event takes place – a Post Event Form, together with all necessary fees, must be returned to Triathlon BC. Failure to submit the Post Event Form will result in a $50 late fee.


Please note the following regarding compliance:

  • Sanctioned events are expected to comply with World Triathlon, Triathlon Canada Competition Rules and any appendix to the rules provided by Triathlon BC.
  • Sanctioned events must verify that all competitors are current (annual) Triathlon BC members or have purchased a one-day event membership.


Sanctioning of any event can be refused by Triathlon BC for the following reasons:

  • Poor past performance.
  • Concerns that race management is not capable of meeting Triathlon BC safety and competitive rules criteria, or other factors indicating potential problems in race operations.
  • Insufficient time to process sanctioning requests.
  • Incomplete sanctioning packages.
  • Outstanding past requirements, obligations and/or fees.
  • Not being in good standing with Triathlon BC.
  • Failing to comply with conditions of sanctioning.
  • Any other issue which Triathlon BC deems is a serious concern which may affect Triathlon BC’s ability to obtain insurance coverage.
  • Such other matters as Triathlon BC may consider in preserving the reputation of the Society and/or reasonable safety concerns.

Event Checklist

Have all your ducks in a row BEFORE race day! Organizing a multisport event, regardless of size, is a complex undertaking with many variables and ‘to-do’ items.  While our list is by no means a ‘catch all’ list of items a Race Director needs to consider, it outlines many of the items required to make an event run smoothly. Click HERE to download our Checklist.