We are excited to offer a variety of fall Youth Triathlon Camps in September and October across BC! These camps are designed for novice to experienced athletes 12-16 years old. The goal is to provide skills and knowledge to inspire athletes to compete in triathlon events in the coming years – including the 2024 BC Summer Games! The camps will include swimming, biking, and running – with amazing coaches throughout each session.

Camp Locations:

The camps will include multiple sessions focused on each discipline through coached discussions and drills on technique, tactics, and physiological development:

Skills for the camp will include:

  • Pool swimming skills
    • Focus on technical skill and fun drills
    • Participants should be able to swim 200m in a pool non-stop
  • Biking skills
    • Intermediate and advanced parking lot skills
    • Basic and advanced drafting skills on roads
    • Bike mechanic skills and equipment knowledge
    • Road bike or gravel bike (drop bar) is required for drafting skills and group riding safety.
      • We may be able to accommodate non-road bikes, send us an email to inquire.
    • Athletes will be draft legal certified at the end of the camp
  • Running skills
    • Speed and technique drills on a running track
    • Pacing drills
  • Transition skills
    • Secret techniques to be a lightning fast

More information and registration can be found through the links above, or find each camp at https://www.tribc.org/clinics/